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Some Sites of Interest

Alberto Wainer's Blog
My father's page contains some of his writings, comments, bio and even links to his work in the Teatro Nacional Cervantes. He updates often (unlike me) - so keep tuned!
Marina Wainer's Blog
My beautiful and talented sister is a theatre author, director, actress and teacher living and working in Madrid, Spain. Follow his latest projects in her blog.
Rápida Historia Del Cervantes
Libro online de Alberto Wainer, sobre el Teatro Cervantes, su historia y, a partir de ahí, crónica polémica del último siglo del Teatro Nacional Argentino.
Dylan K Petley's Blog
You can read about my talented friend here, and you can also download one of his screenplays or leave him a comment...
Miguel Dao Blog
El Miguelón escribe sobre historietas, cine, teatro y todo lo que se le venga al mate, sin modestia pero con estilo, gracia y dignidad...
...bueno; por lo menos sin modestia.
Marya Hornbacher's Website
Official website for Marya Hornbacher, author of "Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia", "The Center of Winter" and "Madness: A Bipolar Life." Her blog is priceless.
Visit the pages of BRICK, a great literary journal.
Andy Henderson’s Page about the nuts (like me) that hang out in the Canucks NewsGroup. *(It is usenet, damit! NOT Google’s groups!)
Here you can also find information on how to join us in a chat-room during every Canuck game