A one hand man…

I cut myself with a skill-saw. I nearly severed my middle finger in the left hand, bad enough that needed micro-surgery to repair it. Luckily – or rather thanks to the skill of my surgeon – I will be fine and my hand will boast a full set of digits. Nevertheless, this will set me a bit behind in my increasingly futile quest for website completion. Thanks for your patience!

Volaverunt Launch

Well, finally I went live with the latest release of the volaverunt.net website! As we speak I am working in some additions:

  • a “Paleontolomía” page that will contain scans of my very-very-very early works (primary school and earlier)
  • a “Los Míos” page that will provide news and insight into the creative activities of mine beloved
  • a “Songs” page and a “Cancionero” page that will publish the lyrics of my songs in English and Spanish respectively – I have written so many over the years…!

I plan to have at least some of these updates go live in a couple of weeks.


This just in: It’s almost three years and the thing is still in diapers…