You gotta come to Toledo

to gabi – always


You gotta come to Toledo,
the walls will hold you if I can’t.
Come and meet me in Toledo,
walk along to Sacramento
see the shutters wave at us,
their acknowledgement is life
– pieces we have left behind.
Climb the hill to Pozo Amargo,
cut across the Catedral,
let’s go to… but they’re not there
– we’ll visit them anyway.
You gotta come to Toledo,
burn old wood by old San Juan,
walk down to the Cava’s place,
see the Tajo running by
taking the foam and the past
all the way to Portugal.
You gotta come to Toledo,
walk through the Door of the Sun,
touch the white stone in the street
and feel the time flowing freely
there, in the palm of your hand.
You gotta come to Toledo,
sit and sip in Zocodover
waiting for the sundown red
by the red door of the plaza.
Come to Toledo my love,
rescue me – I never left...see the shutters wave at us


This was written on 2014, while I was working in Picton, Ontario, away from my wife, who is truly my home. I have since retouched it a bit, but I didn’t want to change too much, because I feel I should preserve its original energy.

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